2013 In Review


I like this new trend of focusing on what you did well in the previous year rather than setting a bunch of goals.

  1. First full time job
    While I contracted at Mutual Mobile starting in November 2012, I officially started full-time in April. I love my job and over the past year I’ve really improved my design skills, especially in creating vector illustrations.  In addition to MM being a place where I’ve really seen personal growth, I also love my team, they’re like an extended family of the brightest, kindest, funniest and most talented people you’ll ever meet.
  2. Starting eating much healthier
    This year I got much more serious about eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and other weird looking things I wouldn’t have wanted to try before. I ate a LOT of kale and eggs. I laid off the bread and refined flour/sugar for a better part of a year. I drank enough Juice Land to justify buying a juicer, but I didn’t.
  3. Got a road bike bike and rode it everywhere
    In March my Uncle Steve found a lovely ’85 Peugeot for me to purchase on Craigslist, and he helped me fix it up, switch out the parts, and make it look awesome. My friend John and I rode the bike everywhere, including to La Barbecue, on the way to which my bike’s gears decided to act all wonky and John had to run into a gas station and get WD-40 to fix it. I rode my bike to Barton Springs, Blues on the Green, on photo safaris, to work, to the grocery store, and many times to nowhere in particular. I convinced Dustin to get a bike and a trailer for his dog.
  4. Cracked down on spending and started saving more money
    Once I stopped eating out and buying random stuff on Amazon I actually started saving money. It’s a good feeling.
  5. Got really serious about improving my art and design skills
    Sometimes, it was for my job. I enrolled in a few Skillshare classes to really hone my skills and learn from some of my favorite designers.  I tried to target my weaknesses and attack them head on.
  6. Made a lot of art
    Right around October I started to make about one piece a week. Before that I would struggle to start something because I was so afraid of screwing something up.

This year, I’d like to keep a lot of those things with these additions:

  1. Achieve more balance in my health/work/saving money/spending time
    I’ll admit I’m one for extremes. I seem to be either completely devoted to exercise or art, eating healthy or frugally, working or playing (well, my “work” is very fun so it’s a very fuzzy gray line). This year I’d like to balance those elements more.
  2. Push myself to create beyond my comfort zone
    Already this year I’ve started going to figure drawing sessions to improve my depiction of the human form. I also signed up for a screen printing class with some of my closest friends. In addition to that, I’m have a few projects in mind which involve a more central story telling element.
  3. Pursue more mentoring relationships
    I already have a couple of mentoring relationships, which have been very encouraging so far. I’d really like to have some older female mentors, so hopefully I can find a few willing souls to help me achieve a new level of creativity and success.

Welp! That about wraps it up!