2014 Victories!

2014 was a great year for me! Here are some of the highlights, some professional, some personal.  



In 2014 I was hired by businesses big and small to create branding, websites, lettering, maps and more! I made some money and great friends along the way. 2015 has already has some exciting freelance opportunities on the horizon as well! 

Figured out how to do my eyebrows

     I didn’t necessarily set out to get better at maintaining my eyebrows but I’m glad I did. I don’t care if it seems vain, I love getting compliments on my strong yet well maintained brows. Lots of youtube videos, product experimentation and practice was involved. 

Made actual money on Society6 

I promoted my Yosemite poster on Society6 on a rock climbing forum and I made more than 15 times the sales in a single week than I had in the 6 months since starting my shop. 

Finally ordered letterpressed business cards

I dragged my feet getting this done but I finally stopped being a perfectionist and settled on a design. Mama’s Sauce did a great job producing them, and now I love getting to hand out my luxuriously thick cards to people. It may seem small, but the cards make me feel more legitimate.  

Got my art into a gallery

My sculpture, WANDERLUST, was featured in the Old Bakery Emporium. A huge thanks to the people who came, it was another small but big step for me and my career. I hope to be featured in more openings in the future! 

Pushed my climbing to 5.10b/c 

I got a lot more serious about climbing and working on my technique. Two weeks before the new year I climbed a 5.10 b/c that I’d been working on for the better part of a month.  A week into January, I am climbing 5.10c's! 

Made a lot of pet portraits 

I was commissioned for almost a dozen dog and house portraits this year! I’m happy to say that each gift was received really well. Apparently a few recipients loved their gift so much they cried after opening them. Bringing that kind of happiness to people is why I love to make things.