Friday Likes No 2

It’s been an interesting week here in Austin. If you live out of town and have been living under a rock, Austin has a boil water notice since Monday and is expected to last until at least Sunday. I had no idea how much I took for granted clean running water until I had to scrutinize every time I turned on the faucet and creatively turn bins into containers for freshly boiled water.

Here’s a few things I’ve been digging this week. For some reason, there’s a lot of products on the list this week?

Everlane - Renew

Speaking of bottled water— I have felt so guilty buying water bottled in plastic this week. Getting plastic out of the supply chain seems nearly impossible, but I get a little glimmer of hope every time a company like Everlane takes the initiative to try to reduce their use of plastic. In addition to pledging to use only recycled plastic for their mailer bags and in their offices, they introduced a whole new line of products made in part from one-use water bottles.


This past year my husband and I have added a few home automation items to our household— mostly lightbulbs and light switches. The number one thing I want to automate is my blinds, since I love waking up to sunshine. Smart blind systems are out there but seem to be out of reach for the average home automation enthusiast, so I was super excited to see these flexible Smartians for automating the IRL and analog items. The aesthetics of their site and video are so fun and playful. Products like this, born of creativity and meant to help others solve their problems is what I’m all about.

Samsung Art TV

I’m not in the market for a TV at the moment, but I feel like this is what I’ve always wanted in a TV— that is— something that looks like it’s not a TV when you’re not watching TV.

Draw on this Website

I’ve been digging what the smart people at Thinko have been doing lately—bringing fun and whimsy back to the internet. “Draw on this Website” reminds me what the internet was like pre-social media.