Curiosity Club Week 01

In 2018, one of my goals is to commit to strengthening my creative skills outside of my freelance practice. This month I'm learning After Effects, and specifically challenging myself beyond the few tools I know in AE and learning more complex animation skills. 

To start the week out, I wanted to warm up and do something simple. Using Illustrator I whipped up this little heart and used a combination of what I already knew in AfterEffects (position, scale, easing frames) and used a new plugin called Overlord to animate it. I'm super happy with how this turned out, but I knew I wanted to challenge myself even more. 

The second project I worked on was MUCH more complex. I wanted to make a very simple walk cycle using the plugin Rubber Hose. Even though I was using a tutorial to guide me through using Rubber Hose, my first attempt was laughable. There was something wrong with the second foot and I just couldn't figure out why the keyframes were dropping.  Frustrated and without the knowledge to fix it, I paused for a day. Luckily, I connected with a friend from college who happens to be a freelance animator and MoGraph wizard.  (Check out her work here!) She graciously offered to take a look at my project file. Not only did she send me a fixed project file hours later, she also wrote up what I was doing wrong (in detail, with screenshots!!) and how I could prevent it in the future. 


Ta daaaa!!! It's definitely not perfect, but if this week is all about challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone I definitely accomplished that!