Fun Stuff

Project Overview
Do you need an overview? The truth is, I love to make stuff. Descriptive, I know. A lot of the stuff I make are "graphics" some for businesses, some for me. I also like to step away and experiment with physical mediums and make things. There is nothing like to joy of making something from nothing.
My Contributions
Drawing, painting, sanding, x-actoing, dremmel-ing,
Kale Costume
October 2019
Fun fact: I love kale. 🥬The marketing team came up with a theme for our team costume— Grocery Store, because our new building had been a produce storage depot. I had a lot of fun making my kale costume with foam sheets, paint, and a Christmas mantle banner turned twisty-tie.

Full skirt with kale leaves. Also, my fantastic coworker who dressed up as Brussel Sprouts. We made quite the pair.

Initial concept for Kale skirt.

Foam cut into pieces.

Foam heat-formed into curly kale shape, sealed, painted with spray paint and acrylic.

Is it cannibalism if you're kale and eating a salad? 🥗

More Work