ScaleFactor Demand Generation and Go-To-Market

Brand Design, Illustration,
In Q1 and Q2 of 2020, the ScaleFactor marketing team focused on demand generation efforts and improving the efficiency of the marketing funnel.  Using agile processes, Zoom, and a lot of sticky notes, we did just that.
My Contributions
Art Direction, design, animation, and a little bit of copywriting.
Remarketing Creative

Problem: ScaleFactor had really high saturation of views in our Facebook audiences, making conversions expensive. To reduce costs, we refreshed the creative frequently and iterated our messaging to figure out what resonated with consumers.

RESULT: Our new creative decreased CPL (cost per lead) by 50% in Q2.  
Card Go-To-Market

Problem: ScaleFactor had launched a card product for small businesses in the previous year, but was now offering the card without the purchase of our core bookkeeping product. We needed to get more applications and educate consumers on the expense benefits of our offering, all the while navigating the complex regulations surrounding financial products.

RESULTS: For the Card go-to-market campaign, we hit our target CPL (<$30) and CAC (<$600). Application volume significantly increased as a result of our campaign and the average credit line issued was higher than expected.
Blog Redesign

Problem: The content team at ScaleFactor was top-notch, and page views and SEO for keywords we wanted had been improving every quarter. The problem is that those page views from our valuable blog content were not necessarily translating into conversions.

SOLUTION: Keeping some of the structure of the old blog page (left), I redesigned the blog home page (middle) and single blog post page to include more CTAs pointing to product and demo-request pages, and also added topic pages (right) that grouped our top posts around topics important to business owners (starting a business, paying taxes, growing your business, and cleaning up your books). These topic pages helped us learn more about customer behavior.

Blog Home Before

Blog Home After

New Topic Page

Colleague Recommendations

Design and content can make for a beautiful friendship, and Lin is a content writer's dream. She can create engaging and beautiful designs, but she also knows how to write. Every project we worked on together was a true collaboration, and the end products were all the better for it.
- Emilie Bingham, Content Strategist

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