I'm Lin Zagorski (Zah-gore-ski), an independent designer and illustrator, born and raised in Austin, Texas.  Drawing since before I can remember, my Dad surprised me with a copy of Photoshop when I was twelve, sparking a life-long enchantment with the intersection of art and tech. I'm fortunate to have a diverse set of experiences working in large and small advertising agencies, newspaper bullpens, magazines, technology agencies, and have also helped up-and-coming businesses grow their brands. 

When I'm not making stuff, you'll probably find me rasslin' my dogs, rooting for the Longhorns, brewing the perfect cup of coffee, or discovering new and innovative ways to enjoy Hatch green chiles.

I'm always looking for great partners to collaborate on projects. Give me a holler! 

You can email me directly at: hello [at] linzagorski [dot] com