I'm Lin Zagorski (Zah-gore-ski). I'm a designer and illustrator at ScaleFactor, born and raised here, in Austin, Texas.  I've been drawing and doodling constantly since as long I can remember, and then my dad surprised me with a copy of Photoshop when I was twelve.  This sparked a life-long enchantment with technology and visual design.

I'm fortunate to have a diverse set of experiences working in large and small advertising agencies, newspaper bullpens, magazines, technology agencies, and have also helped up-and-coming businesses grow their brands. 

When I'm not making stuff, you might find me hanging out with my husband and our dogs, reading my kindle or a magazine over a cup of coffee, or discovering new and innovative ways to enjoy Hatch green chiles.

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Currently Learning:

  • SketchUp

  • Cinema 4D Lite

  • Framer X