Hi, I'm Lin

I’m a designer/illustrator/maker born and raised in Austin, Texas. I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon, and using Photoshop and CSS dating back to when I wore braces and tended to Neopets. Above all else, I enjoy making cool shit with other good humans.

My Objectives

When I think about my values and what I want in work and life, these are my north star ideals that I’m always working towards.


Follow curiosity

I have always had a strong desire to learn more about the world, others, and myself.  When we come to problems with a sense of curiosity, we’re more likely to act with empathy and find successful outcomes. My itch for knowledge is broad, but there is a special place in my heart for design that compels me to devour its history, trends, and new skills with abject enthusiasm.

Shoot for the moon

There is nothing I'd rather be doing than creating something novel, beautiful, or surprisingly great. Achieving this excellence is deeply satisfying to me, even if it takes great effort to get there. To breathe life into exquisite works, we must sometimes accept risks and resiliently learn from failure.


Have fun

While I trust hard work, I believe it's vital to laugh along the way. My best work happens when I have the freedom to play and enjoy myself, and a sense of humor helps me work through conflict and challenges alike. I am intentional about creating culture where levity brings people together.


Find my people

My fondest memories and greatest work almost always includes other people. Cultivating community with other smart, talented, and kind people who I can be my whole self with is a continual priority. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.


Do the right thing

I’ll be the first to admit I’m neither a saint nor a moral philosopher, but what I am is a person that desires to leave a place better than I how found it. I aspire to have the courage to be candid and embody integrity, even when it’s not easy.


Have a question that's not here? Drop me an email:

I'm a recruiter! Are you interested in a contract position or full time job?

Nope, and if you contact me without the words "Totally Tubular Turtle" in your recruiting subject line/linkedIn message I will feel pity, because you are probably overworked and desperate for leads, but also I will reject you outright for not doing your homework.

What's your avaliability for freelance?

Tbh it's a little busy right now... 😅 but it doesn't hurt to ask!

What kind of projects interest you?

I love variety and trying out new styles and learning new things, but here are some examples of projects I typically take on:

  • Branding new or small companies or products in the tech or CPG space.
  • Illustrations of all types. Can we put an illustration on it? That's my jam.
  • Marketing collateral for cool brands: landing pages, one-pagers, ebooks, demand gen ads, etc.
  • Decks, especially if you can hang in Figma or Pitch
What's the best way to get in touch?

I have been conditioned to respond quickly to the emails that come by way of my webflow form, which you can access here. Extra points if you include how you found me (the more specific the better).

What are your rates?

My rates are highly dependent on the type of work, complexity of the work to be done, as well as where you plan on using the work and for how long. When it comes to illustration, some of my work is available for licensing. What, did you think I was going to give you my hourly rate on a website ;) 


Lin has unique superpowers as a designer. She'll listen to what you're asking for, understand what you really mean, and bring you results you couldn't have dreamed of. If she designed a bridge with a black hole underneath it I would have no hesitation about jumping into it headfirst.

Morgan Porter

Director of Content and Editorial, Junebug Weddings

I don’t know how else to say it but Lin is an AMAZING, TOP NOTCH, designer. She covers all the bases from UI design to motion to marketing collateral to illustration to copywriting. She always exceeds expectations and she’s quick to deliver quality design work every. Single. Time. I highly recommend Lin as an extremely skillful designer, strategic leader, and all around awesome person to work with.

Theresa Garritano

Staff Product Designer, Funsize

Design and content can make for a beautiful friendship, and Lin is a content writer's dream. She can create engaging and beautiful designs, but she also knows how to write. Every project we worked on together was a true collaboration, and the end products were all the better for it.

Emilie Bingham

Communications Manager, Auctane

Lin was exactly the kind of designer we needed for our business. She really listened to us and used her creativity as well as a fine touch to help us define the perfect key features of our branding. The process of working with her was smooth and changed the game of our marketing efforts. I have and will continue to recommended her to friends, family, and business owners.

Kristen Folkens

Founder, Little Ohm Farm

Lin is one of the best partners I have had the opportunity to work with. Not only is she a great concepting partner, she does beautiful work. Her flexibility from graphic design to illustration would be an asset to any agency.

Alaina Dougherty

Copywriter, Fire Engine RED

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