From 2018 until June 2020, I worked as ScaleFactor's sole marketing designer. ScaleFactor was a company that helped business owners manage and simplify their bookkeeping, accounting, and compliance obligations. I had the opportunity to lead the re-brand, website redesign, animations, eBooks, one-pagers, stickers, t-shirts, and much more.

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Brand Design

When I started at ScaleFactor, I first focused on evolving the brand. While I didn't touch the wordmark, but I did shift the color palette to brighter and more fashionable blues and orange, and created a secondary logomark to help with legibility at small sizes. I also picked out a new typeface and codified an illustration system.

Web Design

Over the course of a few weeks, I redesigned the ScaleFactor website, working on everything from implementing a new design system to making custom illustrations and icons.  Along with the marketing front-end developer, we also created several Hubspot landing page templates for low  and high intent leads. From 2019 to 2020, we more than tripled our conversion rate, and we are always tinkering, experimenting with new technologies, and making improvements.


I designed emails for internal comms, product emails, and marketing email templates, all in Hubspot, implemented by my talented coworker and friend the webmaster. Along with the rest of our marketing team, we were able to increase open rate on our marketing emails by 25x.


Among my favorite aspects as a marketing designer is shaping culture and deliver joy in the form of shirts, socks, stickers and other accoutrements of life at a startup. I designed and sourced items, and was touched by the compliments from coworkers, customers, executive staff, and investors.


Our talented content team wrote helpful content to make business accounting more accessible and easy for the average business owner. I designed covers, interior layouts in InDesign, and illustrated graphics where necessary. I also designed several one pagers and direct mail pieces that were sent out as a part of our marketing strategy.

Social media + illustration

I enjoy expressing the brand in illustrations for blog posts, empty states, and social media graphics.

Demand Generation

In Q1 and Q2 of 2020, the ScaleFactor marketing team focused on demand generation efforts and improving the efficiency of the marketing funnel.  Using agile processes, Zoom, and a lot of sticky notes, we did just that.

Remarketing Creative

PROBLEM: ScaleFactor had really high saturation of views in our Facebook audiences, making conversions expensive. To reduce costs, we refreshed the creative frequently and iterated our messaging to figure out what resonated with consumers.

RESULT: Our new creative decreased CPL (cost per lead) by 50% in Q2.

Card Go-To-Market

PROBLEM: ScaleFactor had launched a card product for small businesses in the previous year, but was now offering the card without the purchase of our core bookkeeping product. We needed to get more applications and educate consumers on the expense benefits of our offering, all the while navigating the complex regulations surrounding financial products.

RESULTS: For the Card go-to-market campaign, we hit our target CPL (<$30) and CAC (<$600). Application volume significantly increased as a result of our campaign and the average credit line issued was higher than expected.

Blog Redesign

PROBLEM: The content team at ScaleFactor was top-notch, and page views and SEO for keywords we wanted had been improving every quarter. The problem is that those page views from our valuable blog content were not necessarily translating into conversions.

SOLUTION: Keeping some of the structure of the old blog page (left), I redesigned the blog home page (middle) and single blog post page to include more CTAs pointing to product and demo-request pages, and also added topic pages (right) that grouped our top posts around topics important to business owners (starting a business, paying taxes, growing your business, and cleaning up your books). These topic pages helped us learn more about customer behavior.


Lin has unique superpowers as a designer. She'll listen to what you're asking for, understand what you really mean, and bring you results you couldn't have dreamed of. If she designed a bridge with a black hole underneath it I would have no hesitation about jumping into it headfirst.

Morgan Porter

Director of Content and Editorial, Junebug Weddings

I don’t know how else to say it but Lin is an AMAZING, TOP NOTCH, designer. She covers all the bases from UI design to motion to marketing collateral to illustration to copywriting. She always exceeds expectations and she’s quick to deliver quality design work every. Single. Time. I highly recommend Lin as an extremely skillful designer, strategic leader, and all around awesome person to work with.

Theresa Garritano

Staff Product Designer, Funsize

Design and content can make for a beautiful friendship, and Lin is a content writer's dream. She can create engaging and beautiful designs, but she also knows how to write. Every project we worked on together was a true collaboration, and the end products were all the better for it.

Emilie Bingham

Communications Manager, Auctane

Lin was exactly the kind of designer we needed for our business. She really listened to us and used her creativity as well as a fine touch to help us define the perfect key features of our branding. The process of working with her was smooth and changed the game of our marketing efforts. I have and will continue to recommended her to friends, family, and business owners.

Kristen Folkens

Founder, Little Ohm Farm

Lin is one of the best partners I have had the opportunity to work with. Not only is she a great concepting partner, she does beautiful work. Her flexibility from graphic design to illustration would be an asset to any agency.

Alaina Dougherty

Copywriter, Fire Engine RED

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